Texas Faith for Fair Lending
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Updates from Texas Faith for Fair Lending

Thank you Austinites who contacted your city council members to ask them to support the zoning ordinance against payday stores clustering together in your vulnerable communities.

On April 26, Austin city council unanimously passed a zoning ordinance to curb the growth of payday lenders in their community! Members of Texas Faith for Fair Lending came out to testify to support the ordinance. We couldn't have done it without you!

For more information on local ordinances, click here.

What happened during session?
During the Texas 82nd Legislative Session, your voices were heard and people of faith pushed the Texas Legislature to vote their conscious.  Texas now has two laws that create a regulatory structure and licensing procedure for payday and auto title lenders. To read more about these bills, click here.

What has happened since then?
After the Governor Perry signed the bills into law, the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner (OCCC) has been working hard with stakeholders on how to adopt these laws. 

The OCCC has adopted a disclosure form that describes the consequences and alternatives to someone seeking a payday loan. To see Texas's disclosure, click here.

The OCCC has also created the licensing form that payday lenders fill out to become registered and a quarterly report form. To see what kinds of questions they ask, click here.
Texas Faith for Fair Lending is a grassroots effort by people of faith to change payday and auto title lending practices in Texas.

Currently, almost all payday and auto title lenders operate in a loophole in state law that sets no limits on the rates and fees they can charge Texans on small dollar, short term loans. It is common for the rates and fees charged to be the equivalent of 500% APR.  These high cost loans are hurting Texas families. They are immoral, unethical and in direct contradiction of the religious values that most Texans hold.

Individuals, congregations, and other groups of faithful Texans are joining together as Texas Faith for Fair Lending to urge the State Legislature to close this loophole. We demand these lenders operate within the Texas Finance Code and stop taking advantage of our neighbors.

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